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Pittsburgh and Beaver County Wedding, Event, and Portrait Photographer

My reason for being as a photographer is to show you what’s special about yourself, your relationships, and your community.

I use my camera to observe and document what it is that gives us life, how we choose to give and receive love, and who we really are in those moments we let our guards down and just be.

This is why the photos I’ll make at your wedding, with your family, or of your special milestones will become treasures of incomparable value, and why it’s such a gift for me to be able to create them.

So! Are you ready to see yourself, your community, and your relationships in a new light?

Then let’s do this thing! Send me a message and we’ll brainstorm your photo session together and think about where your beautiful artwork will live and bring you joy for years to come!

-xoxo, Erin